About Me

Linda Rizzo

Linda Rizzo

After too many years in the corporate world, I am free to do what I like.  “What I like” has evolved over time.  At 15 I taught myself to knit and crochet.  I still have my first project: mittens in dark green wool, knit on five needles.

I always loved to sew and learned to make clothing from my brother’s girlfriend when I was twelve and I taught her to play tennis in the bargain.  I love surface embroidery.  I quilt.  My interests never end, it seems.

There is one thing that always comes to the surface and that is paper and ink.  I love paper and ink.  Folded, scored, watered, embossed.  Paper and ink.   And cards.  Making cards is the nicest way to show someone you care.  What a great way to spend time.

So here I am today.  I use all of my acquired skills and tools in my paper creations.  All of what I know has a way of becoming cards.

My husband and I moved here to Arizona from NYC in 1996.  We thought we’d be fair and give it 4 years.  The heat hasn’t killed us; in fact, we love it.  Every day is beautiful, everywhere you look.  People smile at you here.  That was a bit disturbing at first, but like the heat, we got used to it.  We visit family back east as often as we can and love to entertain them when they come for a visit.